CPC2000 - registration

Dear all,

It's now time to confirm your arrival and departure dates for CPC2000. Before you fill the form in attachement, here are some important points that we ask you to read carefully.

New Participants:

This mail is sent only to those who told us, last July, that they were interested to come. Feel free to forward this mail to your student(s), co-author(s), or colleague(s) who may want to attend the workshop. However, for them, due to room limitations, there is no guarantee that a room be available.

Rooms, Single and Double:

Currently, we made the reservations for 40 rooms, each room can be shared by two people. In the registration form in attachement, we ask you to give a preferred roomate name since we are at least 50 participants; thus some rooms will have to be shared (and more if more new participants want to come). This may not be definitive, it may happen that more rooms will be available, but we will be able to ask for them only after you send us this form. If you really don't want to share a room, feel free to mention it, but don't forget it may make our work harder, if not impossible!

Family, Wife, Children:

Some of you also asked if family/wife/children can come. Please mention if this is your case; there are a few 4 and 6 bed appartments but we need to make the reservation for them quickly.

Arrival, Departure Dates:

Finally, we ask you to give your arrival and departure date and time so that we can pick you up at the train station. You better arrive on Monday night, January 3 since the workshop starts on Tuesday, January 4. You may want to stay longer than the workshop, for example, for the week-end, but mention it in the registration form.

Price, Payment:

You will pay directly to the Centre Paul Langevin at your arrival, cash or credit card, for both lodging and food. Here are the prices for regular rooms.

Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner+Night: 332 Francs per day.

Add 60 Francs per night if you are in single room.

Add a few francs for wine, special dinner, etc.

Registration Form, Before November 29.

Please send your registration form to Anne-Pascale Botonnet (Anne-Pascale.Botonnet@ens-lyon.fr), as quickly as possible (and no later than November 29) even if you don't know exactly all details (such as exact train schedule). This will help us make the final room reservations.

For any questions, please send your request to Anne-Pascale.