Some registration information

Dear colleagues,

Just a few details for those who already need to organize their trip to CPC2000. Complete and exact information will not be available until the very last days because the center Paul Langevin, which will host CPC2000, does not have the exact prices for year 2000 yet and because they prefer to decide the complete organization (coffee breaks, exact menus, wine, etc...) only three weeks before. However, I can already tell you how it will work and roughly how much it will cost, if this may help.

Arrival/Departure dates:

The workshop will be starting from January 4 in the very morning to January 7 lunch. Therefore, the workshop will be from January 3 evening (dinner included) to January 7. We encourage everybody to stay all days, thus 4 nights. There will be the possibility for extra nights if required by those who want to enjoy the area on Saturday/Sunday.

Inscription fees:

There will be no inscription fee. We will cover the extra costs (secretary, proceedings, etc.) thanks to our sponsors.


All other expenses (lodging, food) will have to be paid directly to the center during the workshop or when you leave. Credit cards are accepted. I will ask you around the beginning of November to specify whether you prefer a single room or a double room. The prices for 4 nights are roughly 400 FF per night (double) and 470 FF (single), including lunch, dinner and breakfast. So, plan for roughly 1800 french francs for your regular expenses (1 francs is about 6 US dollars). You may have to add ski rentals, ski pass, etc. but this is out of the workshop. There won't be enough single rooms for everybody, so if you can share a room with a colleague (or husband/wife/friend), don't hesitate (even if the price is not expensive for single rooms either).

How to go to Aussois (see also the web page):

By plane: you can land either in Paris, Lyon, Chambery or Torino, depending from where you come from and how you decide to go to Aussois after the plane.

By train: Aussois is 7km far from Modane train station (then you can take either a regular taxi or the limo from the center on January 3 evening). There is a TGV connection from Paris to Modane (4h). Also, most international express trains stop in Modane (Paris->Rome or Lyon->Milano).

By car: Modane is just after the end of highway A43 (when you come from France) and you will need less than 2 hours from Lyon (220 kms), Geneve (200 kms), Chambery (107 kms) or Torino (110 kms). Then, Aussois is 7km further on road D215.

Hope this helps, Alain.