Published: jeu. 27 octobre 2016
Updated: mar. 19 septembre 2017
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I am a second year PhD student at the LIP laboratory, ENS de Lyon, under the direction of Damien Stehlé. I am working on program obfuscation in cryptography.

About me

Mail : alice 'dot' pellet___mary 'at' (there are three underscores between pellet and mary).

Phone : +33 4 26 23 38 95

Where to find me : ENS de Lyon, site monod, 3rd floor south, office LIP M7 304 (in front of the elevators on the south side of the third floor).

Postal adress : Laboratoire de l'informatique et du Parallelisme (LIP), ENS de Lyon, 9 rue du Vercors, 69007 Lyon.

Resume : pdf.







  • On the Statistical Leak of the GGH13 Multilinear Map and some Variants. Journées C2, la Bresse, April 2017. [slides]