My research projects

My research interest is in the development and application of novel NMR methods for the atomic-scale characterization of the structure and dynamics of solid-state materials, from catalysts to biomolecules and pharmaceuticals. The recent work of our group focuses on the development of DNP enhanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy at high magnetic field and under magic angle spinning. In particular we have recently demonstrated that DNP could be used to drastically enhance the NMR signal of surfaces, leading to information that were previously not amenable to solid-state NMR spectroscopy, and opening new perspectives for the characterisation of a wide range of porous and non porous materials including organometallic catalysts, metal organic frameworks, drugs, vaccines, colloids, polymer thin films, biominerals, etc.

My current research lines first concern the development and implementation of correlation experiments that have not yet been implemented under DNP conditions and that essential for structural characterisation of materials and biological solids. In particular, capitalizing on unique 1.3 mm DNP probes available at 400 and 800 MHz, we target the development of DNP NMR methods in small rotors and at ultra-fast magic angle spinning (MAS), investigating the various mechanisms involved in the DNP process as a function of the spinning rate. The molecular structure of the paramagnetic molecule that acts as a polarising agent plays a key role in the DNP process. Though much effort has been recently devoted to the design of biradicals, there is still much room for improvement in the conception of the new, more efficient, polarising agents, in particular at high magnetic field. Thus, in parallel, we work on the development of new radicals that maintain high enhancement at high field and fast MAS as well as of new matrices. The ultimate goal of our projects is to apply the described developments to the structural characterization of challenging systems, in particular of modern heterogeneous catalysts, pharmacuetilcals and of biomolecular complexes.

Collaborators at CRMN

David Gajan (IR CNRS)

Judith Schlagnitweit (CRCN CNRS)

Zhuoran Wang (Post-doc)

Thomas Robinson (PhD student)

Adrienn Rancz (PhD student)

Lorenzo Niccoli (PhD student)

Chloé Gioiosa (PhD student)

Salah Akrial (PhD student)

Guido Pintacuda (DR CNRS)

Loic Salmon (CRCN CNRS)

Andrew Pell (PR ENS)

Sami Jannin (PR UCBL)

External collaborators

Olivier Ouari (University of Aix-Marseille)

Christophe Copéret (ETH, Zürich)

Chloé Thieuleux (University of Lyon)

Moreno Lelli (CERM, Florence)

Lyndon Emsley (EFPL Lausanne)

Aaron Rossini (Iowa State University)

Robert G. Griffin (MIT, Cambridge)

Céline Chizallet (IFPEN, Solaize)