CNRS research associate

I am a physical chemist working at the Chemistry Lab of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. My research lies at the interface between materials science, soft-matter and nanotechnology.

My main current interest is ultrathin 2D colloidal nanoparticles: their synthesis, surface chemisty and conformation.  I also study the self-assembly of nanocrystals in the perspective of the emergence of collective properties. This implies understanding colloidal forces between particles at the nanoscale. I am also interested in probing the formation mechanism of nanoparticles using in situ synchrotron based X-ray techniques.

I have a PhD (2006) from École Polytechnique and i hold the "habilitation à diriger les recherches" since 2016.

PhD and Post-doc vacancies

Applications are invited for fully funded PhD and Post-doc positions to work with me on shape shifting colloidal nanoplatelets in the context of an ERC Consolidator project that will start on may 1st 2020.
Please find below the description of the positions:

PhD vacancy

Post-doc vacancy

Publication in Inorg Chem

January 24 2020

Our paper paper on the self-assembly of POMS is out in Inorg Chem. This is part of a long term collaboration with G. Izzet's group in Paris.

ERC Consolidator grant

December 10 2019

My SENECA proposal has been selected for funding by the ERC. I am really thrilled with the honour ! This funds will be dedicated to our current efforts to understand the shape control of thin nanoplatelets. There will be openings soon, watch this space !

See the press release, some stats and the list of all the recipients here.

Publication in Nano Letters

August 2nd 2019

Our paper on the formation mechanism of CdSe Nanoplatelets elucidation using time-resolved SAXS/WAXS is out in Nano Letters. Check it out here. Congrats to everyone involved !