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Publications about 'Graph partitioning' on CSC
Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. B. Hendrickson and T. G. Kolda. Graph partitioning models for parallel computing. Parallel Computing, 26(12):1519-1534, 2000. Keyword(s): Graph algorithms, Graph partitioning, Hypergraph partitioning, Parallel computing, Communication cost.

  2. B. Hendrickson and E. Rothberg. Improving the run time and quality of nested dissection ordering. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 20(2):468-489, 1998. Keyword(s): Sparse matrix ordering, Nested dissection, Minimum degree algorithm, Minimum degree ordering, Graph algorithms, Graph partitioning.

Conference articles
  1. D. A. Spielman and S.-H. Teng. Nearly-linear time algorithms for graph partitioning, graph sparsification, and solving linear systems. In STOC'04: Proceedings of the 36th annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing, New York, NY, USA, pages 81-90, 2004. ACM.

  2. T. N. Bui and C. Jones. A heuristic for reducing fill-in in sparse matrix factorization. In 6th SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing, Norfolk, Virginia, USA, pages 445-452, 1993. Keyword(s): Graph partitioning, Multilevel algorithm.

Internal reports
  1. A. Gupta. Fast and effective algorithms for graph partitioning and sparse matrix ordering. Technical report RC 20496 (90799), IBM Research Division, T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA, 1996.

Manuals, booklets
  1. F. Pellegrini. SCOTCH 5.1 User's Guide. Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI), 2008. Keyword(s): Graph partitioning, Sparse matrix ordering, Nested dissection.

  2. G. Karypis and V. Kumar. MeTiS: A software package for partitioning unstructured graphs, partitioning meshes, and computing fill-reducing orderings of sparse matrices version 4.0. University of Minnesota, Department of Comp. Sci. and Eng., Army HPC Research Center, Minneapolis, 1998. Keyword(s): Graph partitioning, Sparse matrix ordering, Nested dissection.

  3. B. Hendrickson and R. Leland. The Chaco user's guide, version 2.0. Sandia National Laboratories, Alburquerque, NM, 87185, 1995. Keyword(s): Graph partitioning, Sparse matrix ordering, Nested dissection.


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