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Publications in year 1982 on CSC
Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. S. C. Eisenstat, M. C. Gursky, M. H. Schultz, and A. H. Sherman. The Yale sparse matrix package I: The symmetric codes. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 18:1145-1151, 1982.

  2. J. A. G. Jess and H. G. M. Kees. A data structure for parallel L/U decomposition. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 31(3):231-239, 1982.

  3. R. Schreiber. A new implementation of sparse Gaussian elimination. ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 8(3):256-276, 1982.

Conference articles
  1. I. S. Duff. Full matrix techniques in sparse Gaussian elimination. In G. A. Watson, editor, Proceedings of 1981 Dundee Biennal Conference on Numerical Analysis, volume 912 of Lecture Notes in Mathematics, pages 71-84, 1982.

  2. C. M. Fiduccia and R. M. Mattheyses. A linear-time heuristic for improving network partitions. In DAC '82: Proceedings of the 19th Conference on Design Automation, Piscataway, NJ, USA, pages 175-181, 1982. IEEE Press.

Internal reports
  1. I. S. Duff and J. K. Reid. MA27--A set of Fortran subroutines for solving sparse symmetric sets of linear equations. Technical report AERE R10533, HMSO, London, UK, 1982.


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