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Publications in year 1997 on CSC
Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. C. Ashcraft and J. W. H. Liu. Using domain decomposition to find graph bisectors. BIT, 37(3):506-534, 1997.

  2. E. Chow and Y. Saad. Experimental study of ILU preconditioners for indefinite matrices. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 86(2):387-414, 1997.

  3. T. A. Davis and I. S. Duff. An unsymmetric-pattern multifrontal method for sparse LU factorization. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 18(1):140-158, 1997.

  4. M. J. Grote and T. Huckle. Parallel preconditioning with sparse approximate inverses. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 18(3):838-853, 1997.

Conference articles
  1. G. Karypis and V. Kumar. Parallel threshold-based ILU factorization. In Supercomputing '97: Proceedings of the 1997 ACM/IEEE conference on Supercomputing (CDROM), New York, NY, USA, pages 1-24, 1997. ACM.

Internal reports
  1. S. Guattery. Graph embedding techniques for bounding condition numbers of incomplete factor preconditioners. Technical report ICASE Report No.97-47, Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, 1997.


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