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Publications in year 1999 on CSC
Books and proceedings
  1. G. A. Meurant. Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems, volume 28 of Studies in Mathematics and Its Applications. North-Holland, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1999.

Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. E. G. Ng, B. W. Peyton, and P. Raghavan. A blocked incomplete Cholesky preconditioner for hierarchical-memory computers. In D. R. Kincaid and A. C. Elster, editors, Iterative methods in scientific computation IV, volume 5 of IMACS Series in Computational Applied Mathematics, pages 211-222. IMACS, New Brunswick, NJ, USA, 1999.

  2. Ü. V. Çatalyürek and C. Aykanat. Hypergraph-partitioning-based decomposition for parallel sparse-matrix vector multiplication. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 10(7):673-693, July 1999. Keyword(s): Sparse matrix-vector multiplication, Hypergraph partitioning, Hypergraph model, Communication cost.

  3. M. Benzi, D. B. Szyld, and A. van Duin. Orderings for incomplete factorization preconditioning of nonsymmetric problems. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 20(5):1652-1670, 1999.

  4. J. W. Demmel, S. C. Eisenstat, J. R. Gilbert, X. S. Li, and J. W. H. Liu. A supernodal approach to sparse partial pivoting. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 20(3):720-755, 1999.

  5. I. S. Duff and J. Koster. The design and use of algorithms for permuting large entries to the diagonal of sparse matrices. SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 20(4):889-901, 1999.

  6. I. S. Duff and H. A. van der Vorst. Developments and trends in the parallel solution of linear systems. Parallel Computing, 25(13--14):1931-1970, 1999.

Conference articles
  1. J. R. Gilbert and S. Toledo. High-performance out-of-core sparse LU factorization. In 9th SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing (CDROM), pages p.10, 1999.

Manuals, booklets
  1. Ü. V. Çatalyürek and C. Aykanat. PaToH: A multilevel hypergraph partitioning tool, Version 3.0. Bilkent University, Department of Computer Engineering, Ankara, 06533 Turkey. PaToH is available at, 1999. Keyword(s): Hypergraph partitioning.


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