A matrix partitioning interface to PaToH in MATLAB

Bora Uçar, Umit V. Çatalyürek, and Cevdet Aykanat,

Abstract. We present the PaToH MATLAB Matrix Partitioning Interface. The interface provides support for hypergraph-based sparse matrix partitioning methods which are used for efficient parallelization of sparse matrix- vector multiplication operations. The interface also offers tools for visualizing and measuring the quality of a given matrix partition. We propose a novel, multilevel, 2D coarsening-based 2D matrix partitioning method and implement it using the interface. We have performed extensive comparison of the proposed method against our implementation of orthogonal recursive bisection and fine-grain methods on a large set of publicly available test matrices. The conclusion of the experiments is that the new method can compete with the fine-grain method while also suggesting new research directions.

Key words. Matrix partitioning; hypergraph partitioning; sparse matrix-vector multiplication.