Bora Uçar's availabilities for comité de suivis (for 2023)

The days on which I am not available are marked with Busy all day.
Some other events are also marked with "Busy" without any background, as in "10am Busy".

The meetings will take place in March, April and May 2023.

Information on the comité de suivis

Each PhD student has an individual doctoral thesis committee. Through a meeting with the doctoral student and his or her thesis advisor(s), the members of this committee evaluate the quality of the doctoral training and the yearly progress towards a thesis. It formulates recommendations and transmits a report based on the interview to the director of the doctoral school, the doctoral student and the thesis advisor(s). In particular, it aims to prevent any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment. The committee should be solicited from the 1st year, for the doctoral students enrolled before January 31, and from the 2nd year for the others. The meetings of the individual doctoral thesis committee must take place before 30 May each year. More information, including those on the report that will be filled by the committee, can be found at the doctoral schools web pages, in English or in Fran├žais.

The meetings of the comité de suivis are usually for about an hour.