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Current Position

I am at the University of Bergen, in the Algorithms group, on a Marie Sklodowska-Curie action of the European Union.
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E-mail: christophe ddot crespelle wwat uib ddot no (replace the four-letter words with . @ .)

Permanent Position

Associate Professor (Maître de conférences, HDR) at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL).
Member of the DANTE INRIA team of the LIP laboratory.
Member of the IXXI, the Rhône-Alpes Complex System Institute.

Research Interests

Complex networks Dynamic networks Internet metrology
Diffusion phenomena Random generation
Algorithms and graphs Dynamic algorithms Graph editing problems
Graph decompositions Data structure

Habilitation thesis (HDR)

"Structures of Complex Networks and of their Dynamics"

Former PhD Students

Yannick Léo, "Deep dive into social network and economic data: a data driven approach for uncovering temporal ties, human mobility, and socioeconomic correlations", co-supervised with Eric Fleury and Marton Karsai. Defended in December 2016.

Lucie Martinet, "Réseaux dynamiques de terrain : caractérisation et propriétés de diffusion en milieu hospitalier", co-supervised with Eric Fleury. Defended in September 2015.

Elie Rotenberg, "Une nouvelle approche pour l'estimation fiable des propriétés de la topologie d'Internet", co-supervised with Matthieu Latapy. Defended in January 2015.

Current Activities and Collaborations



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