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MocAmbient is a graphical interpreter for various Ambient calculi (Mobile, Safe, Controlled, Robust).

This project was initially done in the MIMOSA team, under the supervision of Pascal Zimmer, using the reactive and graphical Icobjs language (Java-based). Pascal wrote a nice page, explaining how to play with this interpreter. Here is a snippet: the "taxis" demo; click on the picture to start the demo (the applet may take long to get loaded).

taxis snapshot

I rewrote this application from scratch, in OCaml+lablGTK2, in order to get a more useful interface:

Since it is not yet completely finished, I didn't release the sources of this new software yet, but you can already play with it, using either the bytecode executable (fairly portable, you just need OCaml and lablGTK2) or the native one (i386, you certainly need GTK2, somehow...). Here is a snapshot:

slip snapshot, in the new tool