Algorithmics and Lattices, some references

Lattice-based Cryptanalyses

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Cryptanalyses of the RSA Cryptosystem:
Cryptanalyses of Digital Signature Schemes:
Cryptanalyses of Linear Congruential Generators:
  • Linear Congruential Generators Do Not Produce Random Sequences, FOCS 1984, Frieze A. and Kannan R. and Lagarias J. (1984)
  • The Cryptographic Security of Truncated Linearly Related Variables, STOC 1985, Håstad J. and Shamir A. (1985)
  • Secret Linear Congruential Generators are not Cryptographically Secure, Proc of the IEEE Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, Stern J. (1987)
  • Reconstructing Truncated Integer Variables Satisfying Linear Congruences, SIAM J. Comput. 17, Frieze A. and Håstad J. and Kannan R. and Lagarias J. and Shamir A. (1988)
Cryptanalyses of Knapsack based Cryptosystems:
Other Lattice-based Cryptanalyses:

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