Swing is the passing of good time.
Calling time don't swing.
Making time don't swing.
Killing time don't swing.
Time Magazine don't swing.
Spare time don't swing.
People with good time got no time to spare.

Good time in an instinct,
you either have it or you don't.

People called ``hip'' swing,
or think they do.
Money don't swing,
though what it buys certainly can.
``It don't mean a thing
if it ain't got that swing...''

Monk swings, the Pope don't.
"Show Time" swings...
The weak beats swing, two and four.
One and three plod, march time.
Russians don't swing.
Generalizations don't swing...
I'm sure it's possible to find one
- swinging - Russian (I know one).

Black people swing more often than white people do.
Uncle Toms forget how to swing on purpose.
Black people are funky.
White people who call black people funky don't swing.

Funk is good dirt.
Funk swings.
Babies are funky (Babies swing).
A smile swings.
Farts are funky.
Americans get less funky all the time,
though they can still swing.
Cunnilingus is funky,
but the word don't swing.

The devil swings hard and God is,
I fear, not funky enough.
If you don't know what the funk I'm talking about...
you probably don't swing.

One O'Clock Jump / What the Funk (Lyrics by Mike Zwerin)
Gettin' X-Perimental Over You - ZIP Verve 529 466-2

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