Performance Evaluation and Networks 2018/2019
Computer Science Master M1 - ENS Lyon

Course : Eric Thierry - Exercises : Dominique Barbe, Tien-Nam Le


Course focused on the performance evaluation in communication networks. Requires basic knowledge in probability. Some knowledge about networks may be useful but not essential.

"Performance evaluation" is a label that covers many topics, including the design of mathematical models (very often with probabilistic assumptions), the analysis of such models (mathematically or using simulation), the design of experimental protocols (measuring tools, data collection, validation of theoretical models), the analysis of data (statistics on the real experiments or in silico experiments). This course will address these different items in the framework of communication networks. Some illustrations will be also picked from related systems like transport networks, logistics or automatic control.


A written exam covering the whole semester is planned during the last week. A continuous assessment will be also performed during the semester through a mid-term exam and several homeworks. The formula for the final mark is 1/2 final exam + 1/2 continuous assessment.

General schedule 2018

The course takes place on monday 13h30-15h30, and the exercise sessions on wednesday 8h00-10h00 (some sessions will require some laptops, at least a few ones for each group). Check your emails regularly to get the rooms and in case of exceptional changes.

WeekCourseTD (Laptop)Bonus
Mon 10/09 Introduction & Refresher course in Probability (intro slides, refresher slides, tablets of the laws, Jain rules) TD01 (yes) Quizz / solution
Mon 17/09 Random generation & Simulation (slides, R tutorial, R reference card) TD02 (yes)
Mon 24/09 Random generation & Simulation (Randu issues/movie/animated) TD03 (yes) Homework1 "Bayesian inference" (deadline 15/10)
Mon 01/10 Random generation & Simulation (JMT tutorial in 2 min) TD04 (no) The Recomputation Manifesto
Mon 08/10 Queuing Theory (refresher slides about discrete time markov chains, animated chains) TD05 (no)
Mon 15/10 Queuing Theory TD06 (no)
Mon 22/10 Queuing Theory TD07 (no)
Mon 29/10 Holidays !
Mon 05/11 Mid-term exam (course/TD/TP notes not allowed) TD08 (???) last year mid-term exam
Mon 12/11 No course/TD
Mon 19/11 Queuing Theory TD09 (???)
Mon 26/11 No course/TD
Mon 03/12 Queuing Theory TD10 (???)
Mon 10/12 Statistics (a central limit movie, another one) TD11 (???)
Mon 17/12 Statistics TD12 (???)
Mon 24/12 Holidays !
Mon 31/12 Holidays !
Mon 07/01 Statistics TD13 (???)
Mon 14/01 Statistics TD14 (???)
Mon 21/01 Exam (?h-?h, Amphi ?, course/TD/TP notes not allowed) last year exam