Examples of groups that are measure equivalent to the free group

D. Gaboriau


Ergodic Theory & Dynam. Systems, 25 (2005), no. 6, 1809-1827.

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Also ArXiV: http://arxiv.org/abs/math/0503181,  HAL (CNRS): http://hal.ccsd.cnrs.fr/ccsd-00004408


Measure Equivalence (ME) is the measure theoretic counterpart of quasi-isometry. This field grew considerably during the last years, developing tools to distinguish between different ME classes of countable groups. On the other hand, contructions of ME equivalent groups are very rare. We present a new method, based on a notion of measurable free-factor, and we apply it to exhibit a new family of groups that are measure equivalent to the free group. We also present a quite extensive survey on results about Measure Equivalence for countable groups.

Last modification: May 20, 2005