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Research Summary

My work focuses on the development of new nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques in the solid state for the study of protein structure and function. Solid-state NMR is applicable to a wide range of chemical and biological problems that cannot be addressed by solution NMR or X-ray crystallographic methods.

My research concerns the development of a new powerful set of solid-state NMR techniques, mostly  with the help of paramagnetic metal ions, that will enable studies of new classes of molecules of high chemical and biological relevance, including:


Guido Pintacuda

Co-supervised students and post-docs

Andrew J. Pell (Post-doc ANR, ENS Lyon)

Michael J. Knight (Post-doc ANR, ENS Lyon)

Amy L. Webber (Post-doc ANR, ENS Lyon)

Stefan Jehle (Post-doc ANR, ENS Lyon)

Alessandro Marchetti (PhD student, SNS Pisa)

Emeline Barbet-Massin (PhD student, ENS Lyon)

Principal external collaborations

Anja Böckmann’s group (IBCP Lyon, France)

Alessandra Quadrelli (CPE Lyon, France)

Christophe Coperet (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Ivano Bertini’s group (CERM Florence, Italy)

Gottfried Otting’s group (ANU, Canberra, Australia)

Eric Oldfield’s group (UI, Urbana Champaign, Illinois, US)

Phil Grandinetti’s group (Ohio State University, US)

Michael Deschamps and Dominique Massiot (Orleans,


Thomas Huber’s group (UQ, Brisbane, Australia)

  1. (i) structure analysis of paramagnetic proteins;

  2. (ii) structure analysis of paramagnetic organometallic complexes;

  3. (iii) characterization of complex biological systems with respect to local dynamics, multimerization, binding epitopes and water accessibility.

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Microcrystalline and grafted 
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