Algorithms for public-key cryptography

CR10, CS M2, 2023-2024

Lecturers: Guillaume Hanrot, Benjamin Wesolowski

The purpose of this class is to introduce students to algorithmic aspects of public-key cryptography, a topic with a strong number-theoretic flavour (both algorithmic, algebraic and geometric). The class will be mainly focused on cryptanalysis, but will also address efficient algorithms for implementing public-key cryptographic primitives. We shall both study the pre-quantum world (for primitives & cryptanalysis) & the post-quantum world. The following topics will be studied.

I. Efficient arithmetic.

II. Discrete logarithm

III. Elliptic curves

IV. Interlude -- basics in algebraic number theory

V. Back to elliptic curves.

Prerequisites (advisable but not mandatory):

Articles for the exam:

  • S. Goldwasser, J. Kilian, Almost All Primes Can be Quickly Certified, STOC 1986, 316--329.
  • R. Baillie, A. Fiori, S. Wagstaff, Jr., Strengthening the Baillie-PSW Primality Test, Math. Comp. 90 (2021), 1931--1955.
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  • Evaluation

    Homework (50%) and final exam (oral, 50%).