About me

Ph.D. Topic

I’m working on Data Management in a geo-distributed cloud environment. Currently, I’m in my 2nd year of Ph.D. During the first year, I was working on Virtual Machine Image management in geo-distributed data centers. The work results in a system prototype Nitro with a paper published in CCGrid’18.

Keyword: Data management, Geo-distributed Clouds, Wide-Area Networks, Distributes storage systems, Virtual Machine Images.

I’m a member of avalon team of inria research center that is hosted in LIP laboratory, located at ENS de Lyon.


During my Ph.D., I’m working closely with my two advisors: Shadi Ibrahim and Christian Perez.

Research Project

I’m part of DISCOVERY Initiative, a research project that explores the methodologies and algorithms needed to deploy and operate massively distributed cloud infrastructure as Fog/Edge environments. Developed prototypes and tools are ported to OpenStack, an open source de-facto IaaS manager.

Papers reviews

I reviewed papers as subreviewer for Cluster 2017, CCGRID 2017 and CloudCom 2017.