Turbulence and particle dynamics
(i) Forces acting on bluff bodies moving in fluids: 6-D dynamics (positions and angles)
(ii) Turbulence: dynamics of inertial particles, dispersion
(iii) Instrumented particles.
(more and papers

Magnetohydrodynamics and dynamo
(i) Turbulent VKS dynamo (jointly operated with the teams of F. Daviaud at CEA-Saclay and S. Fauve at ENS-Paris).
(ii) A synthetic Bullard-von Karman dynamo in the laboratory, using Gallium. Effect of ferromagnetic voundary conditions. Velocity measurements.
(iii) Dynamics when large magnetic fields are applied.
(more and papers )


Dynamical networks
Time-resolved measurements of person to person contacts in specific environments: conferences, museum, school, hospital. Application to the propagation phenomena. Collaboration with CPT in Marseille and ISI in Torino.
(more and papers
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