About talks and proceedings:

We plan to have 35-40 talks of 40' + 5' questions each. Most of them shall be invited. They shall be chosen such as to ensure maximum coverage of the research activies of the nodes of the EUCLID network, but also of speakers from outside of the network; they shall include talks given by all the young researchers hired by the network during the last four years.

There will also be room for a very limited number of communications delivered by those participants who are willing to present their recent achievements in the research areas of EUCLID. Those wishing to speak should send a provisional title and abstract to us via the registration form. The potential speakers shall be contacted after the registration deadline to confirm whether or not they can be accommodated. The contributions of the latter shall be published on the Web and also in a small booklet, to be distributed at the beginning of the conference. We suggest that you refer to your own relevant publications in your abstract.

The abstract should not be longer than half an A4 page.

We are also considering the possibility of collecting the slides of the talks to distribute them electronically after the Workshop.

A priori, there shall be no other form of proceedings.

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