HOWTO install a Network Processor IXP2400 card built by Radisys

Jean-Patrick Gelas <> (February 2006)

Note: The goal of this page is to hold some information about installing (and maybe programming) an IXP2400 Network Processor card built by the Radisys company. I'm writing this page for my own usage, however if you find useful information here feel free to use them at your own risk.



Another host system (called qos3) embedding a Radisys card is currently up and available in grid5000. From this node I downloaded /tftboot/zImage-ixp and a promising file /opt/old_ssoudan/ixp_opt.tar :-).

reso341:~$ ssh
For Grid5000 team only.  Unathorized access by any means is forbidden.
Unathorized access may be investigated by any means necessary.

jpgelas@rork:~$ ssh root@
root@'s password: **********


Most but all information above were provided by Sébastien Soudan who helps me a lot setting the Radisys card and the system hosting it.



allow booting;
allow bootp;

deny unknown-clients;

subnet netmask {
	default-lease-time 1209600; # two weeks
		max-lease-time 31557600; # one year
		group {
			next-server; # ip address of tftp server
			# option routers DefaultGatewayIP; # default gateway
				host enp2611 {
					option host-name "enp2611";
					hardware ethernet 00:00:50:11:53:84; 
					option root-path "/opt/hardhat/previewkit/arm/xscale_be/target";
					filename "zImage-ixp-2.6";