I work in the field of education and training as a research analyst since 2004. For a comprehensive view of my career, you can download either the English version of my CV or the French one.

My LinkedIn profile will give you some idea of my network while my main publications are available for download in HAL-SHS (French open archive platform) or from my Researchgate page.

My career objective:
Interested in combining my knowledge of higher education systems with my information management skills in an international organization that allows me to conduct projects and develop services geared to meet the needs of targeted players and partners.

My favourite topics:
They include Learning and teaching in higher education, Faculty development in higher education, Transition to higher education and school guidance and counselling, ICT in education and digital literacy, Knowledge transfer in education, Quality of research and digital publishing in social sciences.

My present position:
My unit is called Veille et analyses (V&A) : quite hard to translate in English… Let’s say it is a sort of “intelligence service” dedicated to educational research.
It belongs to the Institut français de l’éducation (IFÉ), an institute formerly independant which was integrated to École normale supérieure de Lyon (ENSL) in january 2011.

Since then, the mandate of my unit remains more or less the same. It is meant to be an observatory of research aiming to make the academic production more visible to researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, to detect the hot topics of research and to release synthesis and analysis of the research findings.

Actually the V&A’s activities mainly consist of :

  • a monitoring activity : to monitor research production through its publications (books, journals, reports, PhD theses) and its conferences, and to select and keep an online record of the most valuable resources newly available
  • a mapping activity : to map out the key research networks and the core publications on a particular topic, and identify the main experts on the same topic, relying on a growing expertise in the evaluation of educational research
  • a reviewing activity : to analyze the research production in order to highlight commonalities and discrepancies between European systems of education and training; to gather evidence of good practices => literature reviews, which target policy-makers and practitioners, are available online.

V&A has become a major player both like a distributor and a broker of academic knowledge in France. Its literature reviews, published on a monthly basis since October 2005, are one of the initiatives providing policy-makers and educational stakeholders with academic knowledge not internally produced.

More information about my unit can be found in this post: it includes a presentation used during the IFLA 2014 congress in Lyon.