Li Han

- Joint PhD Student at ENS Lyon and ECNU


address. 46 Allée d'Italie
69364 Lyon

office. 347 Sud

tel. +33(0) 6 02 14 53 42

mail. li.han[at]


I enroll as a joint PhD student at ENS Lyon and ECNU. Now, I am working in the team ROMA at the LIP laboratory, under the supervision of Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien.

Recently, we are working on checkpointing strategies for real-time systems. My research interests are mainly in:

  • scheduling problems
  • and resilience for large-scale platforms.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me :)


Conferences and workshops


Checkpointing Workflows for Fail-Stop Errors.
L. Han, LC. Canon, H. Casanova, Y. Robert and F. Vivien.
CLUSTER, Hawaii, USA, September 5-8, 2017. [paper][report]


Safety Requirements Specification and Verification for Railway Interlocking Systems.
L. Han, J. Liu, T. Zhou, J. Sun and X. Chen.
COMPSAC, Atlanta, USA, June 10-14, 2016. [paper][report]
Using Safety Requirement Patterns to Elicit Requirements for Railway Interlocking Systems.
X. Chen, L. Han, J. Liu and H. Sun.
REW, Beijing, China, September 12-16, 2016. [paper][report]



  • Sailing Competition of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2011 GDC China, 2015 CSC Volunteer.

Student Union

  • I served as League branch secretary for five years. Our branch was honored to “Advanced League Branch”.
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