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Hello, welcome in my personal web page. You can find here all information about me, my research and my published papers.

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About me

I am currently a third-year Phd student within ROMA project-team at LIP (ENS Lyon) working with Laure Gonnord and Frédéric Vivien.

I am interested in optimizing compilers using static information gathered at compile time by means of abstract interpretation. To that end, I focus on developping algorighms that enable optimizations and make programs more efficient in terms of time and memory consumption.

Here, you can find more information related to my cursus and my research. For those who have questions, comments, or insterested by the work I do, please feel free to contact me.

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A deeper idea about my researches

Abstract Interpretation

Static Analysis



Curriculum Vitae

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My published papers

In this section, you find my last published papers:

  • [Maalej and Gonnord 2016] Maroua Maalej and Laure Gonnord. Do we still need new Alias Analyses? Research Report RR-8812, ENS Lyon ; CNRS ; INRIA, November 2015. [pdf]
  • [Paisante et al. 2016] Vitor Paisante, Maroua Maalej, Leonardo Barbosa, Laure Gonnord, and Fernando Pereira. Symbolic range analysis of pointers. In Proceedings of International Symposium of Code Generation and Optmization. 2016. Barcelon, Spain, March 2016, pp.791-809. [pdf]
  • [Maalej et al. 2017] Maroua Maalej, Vitor Paisante, Pedro Ramos, Laure Gonnord, and Fernando Pereira. Pointer Disambiguation via Strict Inequalities. In Proceedings of International Symposium of Code Generation and Optmization. 2017. Austin, USA. Feb 2017, pp.134--147 [pdf]
  • [Maalej et al. 2017] Maroua Maalej, Vitor Paisante, Fernando Pereira and Laure Gonnord. Combining Range and Inequality Information for Pointer Disambiguation. Research Report RR-9009, ENS Lyon ; CNRS ; INRIA, December 2016. [pdf]


Algorithms, Functional programming and Recursion (LIF3, Autumn 2015)

[TP1] Get started with Scheme, List.
[TP2] List, Let.
[TP3] Sort, Lists of lists.
[TP4] Deep recursion.
[TP5] Trees.
[TP6] Assignment.
[TP7] Project.

Systems Architecture (LIF6, Spring 2016)

[TP1] Get started with circuits using LOGISIM.
[TP2] Combinatory circuits and Two's complement.
[TP3] Sequential Circuits, Registers, Memory.
[TP4] Testing circuits.
[TP5] Introducing LC-3 architecture.
[TP6] LC-3 programming exercices.
[TP7] LC-3 design Part 1.
[TP8] LC-3 design Part 2.

Advanced Programming and Algorithms (LIFAP3, Autumn 2017)

[TP + TD] TP + TD

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For any question and for more details about my researches, don't hesitate to contact me!

(+33) 4 37 28 76 23

Laboratoire d’Informatique du Parallélisme
42 allée d’Italie, 69364 Lyon Cedex 07, France