Matteo Mio
PhD, CNRS Researcher

Course M2 CR05, ENS-Lyon Short Description: Prerequisites: ideally the students need to have some basic knowledge on standard finite automata and regular languages. We will anyway provide some notes during the course to refresh these notions. The students are also supposed to have already been exposed to (first order and propositional) logic, be familiar with the meaning of the usual connectives (and, or, not, exists, forall) and with some basic results (undecidability of first order logic, decidability of propositional logic using truth tables, etc).

Lesson 1: 12 September, Matteo Mio References:
Lesson 2: 19 September, Denis Kuperberg Exercises:
Lesson 3: 26 September, Matteo Mio Exercises:
Lesson 4: 3 October, Matteo Mio
Lesson 5: 10 October, Matteo Mio Exercises given during class: Suggested paper: it covers finite-automata and how to prove decidability of FO-theories using them.
Lesson 6: 17 October, Matteo Mio
Midterm Exam: 23 October, Matteo Mio
Lesson 7 : 7 November, Matteo Mio
Lesson 8 : 14 November, Denis Kuperberg Exercises:
Lesson 9 : 21 November, Denis Kuperberg References: Exercises:
Lesson 10 : 28 November, Denis Kuperberg Reference: Exercises:
Lesson 11 : 12 December, Denis Kuperberg Exercises:
Lesson 12 : 19 December, Denis Kuperberg Additional material: