Matteo Mio
PhD, CNRS Researcher

PhD: I'm looking for PhD students at the moment.
Master Internships: I'm happy to supervise the internship ('Stage M1' or 'Stage M2' in the French system, read this) of master students.
Topics: the research topics I currently propose aim at devoloping a mathematical theory of quantitative modal and temporal logics. While in ordinary (Boolean) logics a formula is either True or False, in quantitative logics a formula has a degree of truth which is tipycally a real number. This number might, for example, represent the probability of the property expressed by the formula occuring after one experiment. The two topics are strongly intertwined but may suit different tastes. Research on Topic A typically requires a lot of syntactical arguments (nested inductions of formulas, proofs, etc) while research on Topic B requires some knowledge of algebra and topology.