I am a first year PhD student in the Crypto group of AriC team, LIP laboratory, ENS de Lyon, working under the supervison of Damien Stehlé. I am also part of the research team of Bitdefender, Romania.
My research focuses on hardness of lattice problems and cryptography.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Middle-Product Learning With Errors, with Amin Sakzad, Damien Stehlé and Ron Steinfeld. In proceedings of CRYPTO 2017.

    Recent talks
  • 23/08/17: CRYPTO 2017, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, [Slides]
  • 05/09/17: National School on Algebra, Bucharest, Romania
  • 04/10/17: Séminaire Cryptologie et Sécurité, Caen, France
  • 13/10/17: Séminaire de Cryptographie, Rennes, France, [Slides]

    Contact:  mirunarosca 'at' gmail 'dot' com