MPFR++ is a C++ interface to MPFR, a multiple precision arithmetic library developed in C.

MPFR stands for Multiple Precision Floating-point Reliable library.

Documentation for MPFR++

the MpfrClass class
assignment and copy
consult or modify the rounding mode or the computing precision
arithmetic operations
mathematical functions
functions related to the IEEE-754 standard for floating-point arithmetic
More on memory management

Download and use MPFR++

Documentation for MPFR++
MPFR++ includes:

Download and use MPFR++

MPFR++, the C++ interface for MPFR, can be downloaded (format ``.tgz'', last revision 27-02-2004). Since MPFR++ is based on MPFR, which is itself built upon GMP, you must firstly install GMP version 4.0 or more recent and MPFR version 2.0 or more recent. To use MPFR++, include the mpfr++.H file in your programs and when linking, do not forget mpfr++.o, created from mpfr++.C. Thank you for keeping me informed of any problem you may encounter.

MPFR++ is developed by Nathalie Revol.