I am a student in computer science at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. I am currently doing a research internship supervised by Stanley Durrleman at the Paris Brain Institute, in the Aramis team.

I am interested by research in modern signal, image and shape processing methods, using tools ranging from probability theory to differential geometry and optimal transport, as well as their use in bio-medical contexts. Here are some of the projects I partook in.

Tractogram and Atlasing With Optimal Transport, Using Multiscale and Gpu-Friendly Schemes

I worked under the supervision of Pietro Gori at Telecom ParisTech on tractogram segmention, and atlas transfer using Optimal Transport tools. This was a joint work with Pierre Rousillon and Jean Feydy.

Optimal Transport, Network Distances and Geometry for Connectivity Networks

I studied and introduced new tools for the investigation of brain connectivity networks during an internship that I did in the Empenn team. See the report I wrote on this project, as part of my master degree.

High-Frequency Oscillations Detection

I studied the detection of High-Frequency Oscillations in electroencephalograms using modern methods in time-frequency analysis of signals. See the dedicated page soon, and the proof of concept detector.

You can also find some of the other work and projects that I did during my studies, either at the ENS or before.

With a rather more fun perspective, the page anecdote gathers some anecdotes that were generated by a gpt-2 model. They do not reflect any kind of truth, although they can sometimes be fun to read.

I also maintain a page gathering some LaTeX and TikZ tips, that is mostly intended to be a personal aide-mémoire, but it could be useful to others as well.