DYnamics of turbuleNt plasmAs & Magnetic inductiOn

The DYNAMO project is a collaborative project aiming at characterizing large-scale driven flows in plasmas. Our motivations are driven by the understanding of fundamental processes of plasma turbulence and of basic magnetic induction processes in plasmas (as a versatile tool for the development of next generation plasma dynamo experiments).

An innovative experimental plasma device

Our investigations will be driven by an innovative low-pressure, high-density plasma device, described in details in section Experiments. The experimental apparatus is located at Laboratoire de Physique, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Highly efficient numerical simulations

Newly developed MHD numerical simulations will guide the experimental development and provide a framework for a detailed analysis of the physics at work. These 3D MHD simulations, based on parallelized volume penalization methods are described in section Numerics, and are carried out at Laboratoire de Mécanique de Fluides et d'Acoustique, Ecole Centrale de Lyon

PhD position offered - starting fall 2014

A PhD position mostly aimed at the experimental characterization of the plasma dynamics is funded by ANR - projet Jeune Chercheur DYNAMO. See the following PhD project description. Feel free to contact N. Plihon for further details.