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Patrice  Abry

CNRS, Directeur de Recherche
SiSyPhe, Signaux, Syst�mes et Physique,          Laboratoire de Physique,           CNRS UMR 5672,            ENS Lyon,  


PhD offers: deadline April, 24th

  1. Unfolded proximal algorithms to design deep learning architectures for texture segmentation
  2. Studying and forecasting climate extreme and rare events from a machine learning based integration of observational and numerical model data
24 novembre 2020 : Prix Monpetit (Académie des Sciences)     
Je remercie respectueusement l'Académie des Sciences pour cette distinction.
Je remercie chaleureusement tous mes collègues (de France et du monde), et tous mes étudiants pour ces belles années de travail ensemble.

September 2020: Artist Residence at SiSyPh
Alex Andrik, an artist interested in relations between Art and Sciences, spent three weeks interacting with Team SiSyPh discussing Signal processing: here is the outcome,
He had previously attended GRETSI2019, the French speaking Signal and Image Processing Conference, interacting with attendee, which yielded:

Spring 2020 (lockdown period): Team SiSyPh fighting COVID

Spatial and temporal regularization to estimate COVID-19 Reproduction Number R(t)
  • Publication dans The Conversation d'un article court et grand public sur la surveillance de la pandémie de Covid19.
  • Credibility intervals for the estimates of R (stochastic sampling in Bayesian frameworks). 
  • New research paper, dealing with outliers and estimation robustness to the low quality of Covid19 data, submitted in Sept. 2021.
  • Research paper, accepted for publication at PLoSOne
  • video for the evolution along time and across France of R(t)
  • Daily summary for estimations, credibility intervals, graphics and maps.

based on:
new infections, new hospitalizations,   per department and  time evolution
(new release (2021/04/11: interactive and animated map of France for the daily estimates of R)

Most recent estimates of R for Metroplitan France available here

Maps and Global estimates for the World and for the USA, for estimated R(t) based on new infections
(see also a nicer World map of the daily estimates of R)
New release (2021/04/11):  interactive and animated map of the World-Covid19-R !!


Most recent estimates of R for above 200countries available here

This is part of a larger Covid19 study, involving other research teams in France

Team SiSyPh (June 4th, 2020)


What's new ? / Actualit�

  1. M2internship/PhD Offer : Multivariate selsimilarity- deadline April 20
  2. M3/L1 Internship: Anomaly Detection in Internet Traffic - Lyon- Tokyo
  3. Post-Doc Offer: Multivariate Multifractal Analysis of Urban DATA

  1. GRETSI 2019 - le site WEB est ouvert et les depots d'articles le seront le 4 f�vrier ici, avec cette feuille de style.
  2. Crisis and network in Finance, IXXI Workshop, April 11-12th, WWW, inscriptions, pdf
  3. Offre de stages/Internship offer: Deep learning and Multifractal Textures
  4. International Summer School on Technologies and Signal Processing in Perinatal Medicine - TSPPM-2018
    July 2-6, 2018 - Sardinia Scientific and Technological Park, Pula (CA), Sardinia, Italy.
  5. Image Processing for Art Investigation, Ghent, Belgium, June 21-22, 2018. Great workshop !
  6. 2nd Signal Proceesing and Monitoring in Labour Workshop, in Oxford (2017/10/30-2017/11/01) with a CTG Data Challenge !
  7. MultiFracs ANR Grant website is now available
  8. ICASSP 2017 M.Sc/Ph.D Forum Call for Papers
  9. Best paper Award at EUSIPCO 2016 for "Bayesian estimation for the local assessment of the multifractality parameter of multivariate time series"!
  10. S�ance acad�mique du 21 septembre 2016 de l'Acad�mie des Sciences, Belles Lettres et Art de Savoie
  11. Biosignal Signal Interpretation 2016 in Osaka (Japan)
  12. Le couloir du temps (fresque g�ante "science et patrimoine" du CNRS)
  13. GRETSI 2015 - C'est fini ! Les photos et video des conf�rences pl�ni�res sont disponibles.
  14. Journ�e en l'honneur de Patrick Flandrin
  15. 1st Signal Processing and Monitoring in Labour Workshop, at ENS Lyon, next march,  more info
  16. Historic Photographic Paper Classification Challenge: Talk at SCAM this january
  17. Historic Photographic Paper Classification Challenge: on CNRS news
  18. GRETSI 2015 will be held at ENS  Lyon.
  19. Signal Processing Magazine, Special Issue on Signal Processing for Art Investigation. (more information)
  20. Historic Photographic Paper Classification Challenge: The article is issued
  21. Visiting professor at National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo Japan, 2014, April, 1st to March 31, 2015
  22. Multifractal Analysis: From Theory to Applications and Back, Banff International research Station, Workshop, 2014 Feb. 23-28
  23. New Trends in Applied Harmonic Analysis, Sparse Representations, Compressed Sensing and Multifractal Analysis
    August 5 - 16, 2013. Mar del Plata, Argentina
  24. Visiting professor at National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo Japan, 2013, April, 1st to March 31, 2014