Near Sark, you see Sark on the left of the picture (starboard) and Brecqhou on the right (port) (August 2003)

In Vercors (France), you see the Mont Auiguille in the back (September 2003) In Brittany (August 2000).      These pictures have been taken in 1995 when I was still in Nancy. This picture of the whole family has been taken in August 2009.

The whole family in 2009

This picture has been taken around Xmas 2001 in the forest near my
house in Bouxières-aux-Dames when I was carrying my grandson Balthazar

Balthazar is ready to read papers on explicit substitutions. and he knows geometry: ,

obviously the grandfather of the grandmother of his grandfather was a scientist.

Notice that researchers were better dressed at that time!

The above picture are old now. Balthazar looks more like an ingenior. His brother Perceval is both an artist. and an intellectual and Balthazar a thinker My two granddaughters Cassiopée and Zazie