I am a PhD student at ENS Lyon and at the University of Warsaw since September 2016, under the supervision of Colin Riba and Henryk Michalewski.

My thesis focuses on the constructive aspects of Monadic Second Order logic (defense date coming soon). I have begun a postdoc under Michael Benedikt at the university of Oxford fall 2019.
I am generally interested in topics around logic, realizability, automata theory and type theory.


From normal functors to logarithmic space queries, with Lê Thành Dũng Nguyễn, ICALP 2019, pdf
Kleene Algebra with Hypotheses, with Amina Doumane, Denis Kuperberg and Damien Pous, FOSSACS 2019, pdf
A Dialectica-Like Interpretation of a Linear MSO on Infinite Words, with Colin Riba, FOSSACS 2019, pdf
LMSO: A Curry-Howard Approach to Church’s Synthesis via Linear Logic, with Colin Riba, LICS 2018, pdf
A Curry-Howard Approach to Church's Synthesis, with Colin Riba, FSCD 2017, pdf
The Logical Strength of Büchi's Decidability Theorem, with Leszek Aleksander Kołodziejczyk, Henryk Michalewski and Michał Skrzypczak, CSL 2016, pdf
Integrating Linear and Dependent Types, with Nick Benton and Neel Krishnaswami, POPL 2015, pdf source code


Cantor-Bernstein implies Excluded Middle, with Chad E. Brown, pdf formalization in Coq


Some formalizations in Coq I made as a hobby.