COMPRES Workshop

Organizers: Wendy Panero, Razvan Caracas
Ab Initio Tools for Hypothesis Testing, Tamaya Resort, NM, USA, 2017

The days of Centre Blaise Pascal/PSMN of ENS Lyon

Organizers: Cerasela Calugaru, Razvan Caracas, Samantha Barendson
ABINIT days at CBP/PSMN, Lyon, 2017

The 8th ABINIT developers workshop

Organizers: Razvan Caracas, Xavier Gonze, Marc Torrent
ABIDEV 2017, Frejus, 2017

Thermodynamic and ab initio modeling of natural fluids and melts

Organizers: Razvan Caracas, Paul Asimow, Marc Ghiorso
CECAM school, Lausanne, 2016

Carbon at extreme conditions

Organizers: Razvan Caracas, Roberto Bini, Adrian Jones, Giulia Galli
CECAM workshop, USI-Lugano, Switzerland, 2015.

Ecole WURM de spectroscopie Raman

Ecole thèmatique CNRS
Organizers: Razvan Caracas, Herve Cardon, Gilles Montagnac
ET Raman CNRS WURM, Lyon, 2014.

Dynamical, dielectric and magnetic properties of solids with ABINIT

Organizers: Razvan Caracas, Xavier Gonze, Philippe Ghosez, Eric Bousquet, Matthieu Verstraete
CECAM ABINIT school, Lyon, France, 2014
ABINIT school, Lyon, France, 2014

Response treatment for the dynamical properties of materials with the ABINIT package

Organizers: Xavier Gonze, Philippe Ghosez, Razvan Caracas, Suzanne Blatter, Nicola Spaldin
CECAM ABINIT school, Zurich, Switzerland, 2012

Dynamical Properties of Earth and Planetary Materials

Organizers: Razvan Caracas, Lars Stixrude, Bjoern Winkler
CECAM workshop, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2011

Linear and non-linear responses of solids with the ABINIT software : phonons, electric fields, and other perturbations

Organizers: Xavier Gonze, Philippe Ghosez, Razvan Caracas
CECAM ABINIT school, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2010

The Science of Solar System Ices (ScSSI): A Cross-Disciplinary Workshop

Member of the International Organizing Committee
Oxnard, California, 2008

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