Hi, I am Ronan, a 20-something PhD from ENS de Lyon (FRANCE). I defended my PhD in December 2019. My research focused on the mathematical modelling of the in vitro erythropoiesis, and the related identifiability issues. As a PhD student at the ENS, part of my time was also dedicated to teaching the Licence and Masters students there.

Though my background in Biology is pretty strong, I decided very early on in my education to drop the labcoat in favour of computers and chalk sticks, and started to do in silico biology. I thus enrolled in the Complex Systems Masters Program at the Complex Systems Institute in 2015, from which I gratuated the year after.

I think that mathematical models allow to dissect biological systems and analyze data in a complementary way to the traditional experimental approach to Biology. This is why my research interests lie broadly in the field of Systems Biology. Also, when I'm not struggling with the identifiability of my models, I like playing the sousaphone in diverse bands.

You will find on this page my CV and a more consistent description of my research projects. Since I am still looking for a post-doc position, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my profile.


LBMC - ENS de Lyon
9 rue du Vercors
69007 Lyon (FRANCE)


ronan.duchesne [at] ens-lyon.fr