The big curvy thing on the picture is called a sousaphone, that is the bass of marching bands. I have been playing that for the past few years in various bands, from the student marching band of my college to the british-style Brass Band de Lyon Junior.

Witnessing the increase of interactions between brass players and electronic musicians, either in bands including both (like Le Bonk, which is in my opinion the best band ever) or in traditional marching bands playing arrangements of electronic tracks (like Meute), a group of friends and I created a new electro brass band concept. Meet Bërk and worry not, for we're taking care of everything.

On this page you can find links to our latest clip and our soundcloud playlist. Don't hesitate to follow us for upcoming contents!


LBMC - ENS de Lyon
9 rue du Vercors
69007 Lyon (FRANCE)


ronan.duchesne [at]