I am a computer science PhD student since September 2014, under the supervision of Bruno Salvy. Funded by the ENS de Lyon, I work more precisely in the AriC team, at the LIP laboratory, in Lyon.

My field of interest is Computer Algebra, that is how to represent exact mathematical (infinite) objects in a (finite) computer memory, and how to perform operations on them. At the moment, I particularly try to use computer algebra to explore continued fractions expansions formulas.

In more details

My work takes place in the world of series with complex coefficients. The associated functions of a complex variable are ubiquitous in mathematical physics and combinatorics. More precisely, I study their rational approximations, in the shape of continued fractions.

In this field, my long-term motivations are:

  1. automatizing the discoveries and proofs of formulas,
  2. providing generic but efficient evaluation procedures.


This work relates to different projects, as you can see in a presentation by Bruno Salvy (July 2014).

More specifically, my work directly relates to:

  • the package gfun, for implicit manipulation of (exact) series, via the differential equation they satisfy,
  • the DDMF, an on-line Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions,
  • the French National Research Agency (ANR) project FastRelax .

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