UNIO Release Information


UNIO’16 is in the final stage of preparation (full release intended for summer 2016).

License for UNIO’10 has expired?

Please re-download UNIO’10 (License got extended until end of 2016, login information unchanged).

What’s new in UNIO’10, Version 2.0.2?


  1. This release is only for renewal of the license for UNIO version 2.0.1 that is running out at the end of 2015. No changes to any parts of the algorithms were made. So you can just continue as before. Just re-download UNIO again.

What’s new in UNIO’10, Version 2.0.1?


  1. Small bug fixes for the UNIO GUI.

Specific for MATCH:

  1. The MATCH algorithm got modified to handle triple-resonance data in a more reliable and robust manner than previously done. Larger tolerance windows for sequential matching can now be efficiently applied in order to guarantee the possibility of finding the correct sequential connectivity.

What’s new in UNIO’10, Version 2.0.0?


  1. Interactive charts for evaluating the UNIO results.

  2. UNIO Script Editor.

  3. UNIO Molecular Viewer.

  4. UNIO Archive system.

Specific for MATCH:

  1. Automated chemical shift referencing of the input peak lists for MATCH.

  2. MATCH supports newly as input a consolidated list of spin systems, peak lists from triple-resonance data and CARA edited spin systems.

Specific for ATNOS/ASCAN:

  1. Automated chemical shift to NOESY spectra adaptation.

Specific for ATNOS/CANDID:

  1. UNIO Restraint Inspector for NOE upper distance restraint file.

  2. RDC support for external restraint files.

What’s new in UNIO’08, Version 1.0.4?


  1. Automated check for software updates at startup.

  2. New file format support (FASTA,SAPRKY, CNS NMRVIEW and ANSIG) for protein sequence, chemical shift list and peak lists

  3. Improved stability of calculation control for Linux Fedora.

What’s new in UNIO’08, Version 1.0.3?


  1. Bug fixes in Preferences window, ATNOS/ASCAN NMR data set window and ATNOS/CANDID MDAlgorithm window.

What’s new in UNIO’08, Version 1.0.2?


  1. Solved compatibility issues using UNIO with CYANA 2.0 or higher

  2. Bug fixes using UNIO with Bruker file format occurred in the UNIO-ATNOS/ASCAN component.

What’s new in UNIO’08, Version 1.0.1?


  1. New file format (Bruker) for spectrum.

  2. Improved stability for calculation control

  3. Bug fixes using UNIO with CNS/Xplor