Vincent Lanore

ENS de Lyon
LIP laboratory, AVALON team
46 allée d'Italie 69364 Lyon, France
Office GN1 Sud 374
vincent.lanore (at)

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Master's degree: foundations of computer science
ENS de Lyon, Lyon, France, 2010-2012
Degree obtained in 2012

Bachelor's degree: foundations of computer science
ENS de Lyon, Lyon, France, 2009-2010
Degree obtained in 2010

Preparatory classes
Lycée Michel Montaigne, Bordeaux, France, 2007-2009
MPSI then MP* section (maths and physics)
Accepted at ENS de Lyon as normalien through the computer science competitive examination

Baccalauréat scientifique
Lycée Pierre d'Aragon, Muret, France
Degree obtained in 2007

Research internships

On scheduling multi-level applications
M2 (master second year) internship, spring 2012, LIP, ENS de Lyon
Under the direction of Cristian Klein and Christian Pérez

Generating SMECY API from Annotated Sequential Code with ROSE Compiler
Short M1 (master first year) internship, summer 2011, HPC Project Montpellier
Under the direction of Ronan Keryell and Thierry Porcher

Bioinformatics and hybrid computing
(Bioinformatique et calcul hybride -fr-)
Long M1 (master first year) internship, spring 2011, LBBE laboratory, Lyon
Under the direction of Vincent Miele - slides - report

Developing an intelligent tool to ease live creation of shows mixing music and video
(Développement d'un outil intelligent d'assistance à la création de spectacles alliant musique et vidéo -fr-)
L3 internship, summer 2010, LIRIS laboratory, Lyon
Under the direction of Amélie Cordier

Work with Companies

Scientific writer for Elkios Group (website -fr-)
complementary activity during PhD thesis as a doctorant-conseil (explanations -fr-)
Lyon, 2015-2016


Tutoring for the LOG (logic) course
ENS de Lyon, spring 2014

Programming project: SAT solver
ENS de Lyon, spring 2014
Course teacher: Daniel Hirschkoff; with: Julien Bensmail

TD Systèmes distribués
ENS de Lyon, autumn 2014
Course teacher: Eddy Caron

1/4 des TDs pour Projet concours ACM
ENS de Lyon, spring 2014
With Théophile Trunck, Petru Valicov et Arnaud Lefray

TPs pour l'école de recherche Synchronous Approaches for Embedded Systems
ENS de Lyon, january 2014
Responsable de l'école: Laure Gonnord

TD Systèmes distribués
ENS de Lyon, autumn 2013
Course teacher: Eddy Caron

TD Introduction à l'informatique pour les non-spécialistes
IXXI, autumn 2013
Course teacher: Stéphan Thomassé

TD LIF12 Systèmes d'exploitation
(Operating Systems practical sessions)
Université Lyon 1, spring 2013
Course teacher: Fabien Rico

Science popularization

Talk at the Ain Terre Maths conference
At the foundations of computer science: computing models
(Aux fondements de l'informatique: les modèles de calcul -fr-)
Public d'élèves de seconde et troisième
Lycée international de Ferney-Voltaire, February 2014

Administrative Charges

Responsible for computer loans to students
Computer Science Department, ENS de Lyon, 2013-2014