• Witness-preserving Amplification of QMA. [report] [presentation]
  • Note on Diagonal Circuit Identity Testing and Lower Bounds (N. Saxena). [note] [presentation]
  • Note on Tiling a Polygon with Parallelograms (R. Kenyon). [note (fr)] [presentation (fr)]
  • Le théorème de Cobham. [report (fr)]
  • Note on Functional encryption for inner product predicates from learning with errors (S. Agrawal, D. Freeman, V. Vaikuntanathan). [presentation]
  • Note on Decentralizing Privacy: Using Blockchain to Protect Personal Data (G. Zyskind, O. Nathan, A. Pentland). [note (fr)] [presentation (fr)]
  • Note on A characterization of the class of functions computable in polynomial time on Random Access Machines (A. Bertoni, G. Mauri, N. Sabadini). [note]