• Quantum and Classical Algorithms for Approximate Submodular Function Minimization (with Patrick Rebentrost, Ansis Rosmanis and Miklos Santha), Technical report, 2019. [arxiv]
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  • Balanced Mobiles with applications to phylogenetic trees and Huffman-like problems (with Sophie Laplante and Roberto Mantaci), Technical report, 2017. [pdf]

Other documents

  • Communication Complexity, Master’s Thesis (with Anil Ada), 2016. [report] [presentation]
  • Extracting RDF triples using the Stanford Parser, Master’s Project (with Tom Cornebize), 2015.  [report]
  • Balanced Mobile, Undergraduate’s Thesis (with Sophie Laplante and Roberto Mantaci), 2015. [report (fr)] [presentation(fr)]
  • PSPACE and Continuous Time Models of Computations, Undergraduate’s Thesis (with Olivier Bournez), 2014. [report (fr)] [presentation (fr)]