Program of CPC 2000

Tuesday 4th (morning)

9h00-9h30: Welcome

Session: Java and object-oriented languages. Program analysis, compilation, and tools.

9h30-10h00: "Numerically intensive computing in Java with Ninja" (abstract)
Manish Gupta, Jose Moreira and Sam Midkiff

10h00-10h30: "Cooperating distributed garbage collectors for clusters and beyond" (abstract)
Michael Philippsen

10h30-11h00: Coffee break

11h00-11h30: "Virtual method resolution with typed alias graphs" (abstract)
Markus Schordan, Wolfram Amme

11h30-12h00: "An annotation language for the placement of tasks and data on heterogeneous parallel systems" (abstract)
Kees van Reeuwijk, Will Denissen, Henk Sips

Tuesday 4th (afternoon)

Session: Compilers, preprocessors, methodologies.

17h00-17h30: "HPF library, language and compiler support for shadow edges in data parallel irregular computations" (abstract)
Thomas Brandes

17h30-18h00: "The Nestor library: A tool for implementing Fortran source to source transformations" (abstract)
Georges-André Silber

18h00-18h30: Coffee break

18h30-19h00: "ROSE: a preprocessor generation tool for leveraging the semantics of parallel object-oriented frameworks to drive optimizations via source code transformations." (abstract)
Dan Quinlan

19h00-19h30: "An incremental approach to interactive parallelisation of Fortran-77 code" (abstract)
Jon MacLaren

19h30-20h00: "Iterative compilation in program optimization" (abstract)
Toru Kisuki, Peter M.W. Knijnenburg, Mike F.P. O'Boyle, H.A.G. Wijshoff.

Wednesday 5th (morning)

Session: Cache optimization, tiling.

8h30-9h00: "First steps towards optimal oblique tiling of two-dimensional iterations" (abstract)
R. Andonov, P-Y Calland, S. Niar, S. Rajopadhye, and N. Yanev

9h00-9h30: "On time optimal supernode shape" (abstract)
Edin Hodzic and Weija Shang

9h30-10h00: Talk cancelled, replaced by "Temporary Arrays for Distribution of Loops with Control Dependences" (abstract)
Georges-André Silber

10h00-10h30: Coffee break

10h30-11h00: "Software support for improving locality in scientific codes" (abstract)
Hwansoo Han, Gabriel Rivera, and Chau-Wen Tseng

11h00-1h30: "A fast implementation of cache miss equations (CME)" (abstract)
Xavier Vera Rivera, Carles Ciuraneta, Josep Llosa, Antonio Gonzalez

11h30-12h00: CANCELLED

Wednesday 5th (afternoon)

17h30-18h00: Coffee break

Session: Compilation for distributed memory platforms.

18h00-18h30 "Compiling data-parallel programs to a distributed runtime environment with thread isomigration" (abstract)
Gabriel Antoniu, Luc Bougé, Raymond Namyst, and Christian Perez

18h30-19h00: "Memory cost due to anticipated broadcast" (abstract)
Vincent Loechner and Catherine Mongenet

19h00-19h30: "Distributed OMP - a programming model for SMP clusters" (abstract)
Mark Leair, John Merlin, Steven Nakamoto, Vincent Schuster, and Micheal Wolfe

19h30-20h00: "Data distributions for task-parallel programs" (abstract)
Thomas Rauber, Gudula Ruenger

Thursday 6th (morning)

Session: support for irregular applications.

8h30-9h00: "Language extensions and compilation techniques for data intensive computations" (abstract)
Gagan Agrawal, Renato Ferreira and Joel Saltz

9h00-9h30: "A compiler driven execution model for irregular applications" (abstract)
Arun Chauhan, Kathleen Knobe

9h30-10h00: "Scalable automatic parallelization of irregular reductions on shared memory multiprocessors" (abstract)
Eladio Gutierrez, Oscar Plata and Emilio L. Zapata

10h00-10h30: Coffee break

Session: Pot pourri.

10h30-11h00: "Efficient parallelisation using combined loop and data transformations" (abstract)
Michael O'Boyle

11h00-11h30: "Application and architecture modeling for parallel execution of Jacobi-type Algorithms" (abstract)
E. F. Depreterre, E. Rijpkema, and B. Kienhuis

11h30-12h00: "A data-flow framework for analyzing assembly code" (abstract)
Peter Braun, Andrej Rosenheinrich, Wolfram Amme, Eberhard Zehendner

Thursday 6th (afternoon)

17h30-18h00: Coffee break

Session: Scheduling problems, loop transformations.

18h00-18h30: "Program analysis and transformation: beyond the Polytope Model" (abstract)
Albert Cohen

18h30-19h00: "Scheduling the computations of a loop nest with respect to a given mapping" (abstract)
Frédéric Vivien

19h00-19h30: "Scheduling of data parallel modules for scientific computing" (abstract)
Gudula Ruenger, Thomas Rauber

19h30-20h00: "Speculation on data dependences" (abstract)
A. Unger, E. Zehendner, and Th. Ungerer

Friday 7th (morning)

Session: Program and execution models.

8h30-9h00: "NestStep: Nested parallelism and distributed shared memory for the BSP model" (abstract)
Christoph Kessler

9h00-9h30: "Code generation and run-time support for multi-level parallelism exploitation" (abstract)
Marc Gonzalez

9h30-10h00: "The HDC compiler project" (abstract)
Christoph Herrmann and Christian Lengauer

10h00-10h30: Coffee break

Session: Performance analysis, performance evaluation.

10h30-11h00: "Performance trade-offs in series-parallel programming" (abstract)
Arturo Gonzalez Escribano, Arjan J.C. van Gemund, and Valentin Cardenoso Payo

11h00-11h30: "Performance analysis of parallelizing compiler backends on shared-memory multiprocessors" (abstract)
Rudolf Eigenmann

11h30-12h00: "A specification language for performance bottlenecks" (abstract)
Michael Gerndt