Christian Doczkal

Post-doc, member of the CoVeCe Project (PLUME, LIP, ENS de Lyon)

About Me

I obtained my PhD at Saarland University in 2016 under the supervision of Gert Smolka. My research is mainly focused on the formalization of mathematics in the constructive type theory of the proof assistant Coq. I have developed formal machine-checked theories for a variety of topics including meta theory of modal logics, automata theory, set theory, and graph theory.


Recent Publications/Drafts:

For a complete list of publications see DBLP. Publications from my time at Saarland University can be obtained from the Programming Systems Lab


Email:christian.doczkal at ens-lyon dot fr
GPG Fingerprint:EA38 A266 F1CD C29D 7D99 E682 8FB0 7748 9C64 B98D
Office: GN1 Nord 3 70, LIP, ENS Lyon