Guido Pintacuda’s group



Group members

Loren Andreas (post-doc)

Diane Cala (post-doc)

Kevin Sanders (PhD student)

Andrea Bertarello (PhD student)

Tanguy Le Marchand (PhD student)

Cécile Gozlan (EU project engineer)

Visiting scientists

Tobias Schubeis (Giotto Biotech, Florence)

Florien Allouche (ETH Zurich)

Theo Eldarai (IUT Lille)

Former members

Hugh W. Dannatt (now at University of Oxford, UK)

Andrew J. Pell (now at University of Cambridge, UK)

Michael J. Knight (now at University of Bristol, UK)

Amy Webber (now at University of Oxford, UK)

Stefan Jehle (now at Bruker Biospin, Billerica, US)

Chiara Ferrara (now at University of Pavia, IT)

Emeline Barbet-Massin (now at TU Munich, DE)

Michele Felletti (now at University of Konstanz, DE)

Alessandro Marchetti (now at the EC JRC, Ispra, IT)

Ségolène Laage (now at Columbia University NY)

Gwendal Kervern (now at University of Nancy, FR)


The main objective of our work is to enable researchers in chemistry and biology to use nuclear magnetic resonance as a routine tool in order to obtain a structural and dynamic characterization of chemical or biological systems of primary importance, from new materials to complex biological systems, such as metalloproteins and large biological assemblies of high molecular weigh.

Through the design of a set of innovative and powerful solid-state NMR tools, we overcome the current barriers to progress in the understanding of these systems, and shed light onto their local and global structures, dynamics, reactivity, and substrate recognition.