1. About Me

    I am a third year PhD student at the École Normale Superiéure of Lyon (ENS de Lyon), under the direction of Guilhem Castagnos and Fabien Laguillaumie. I am working on the applications of homomorphic encryption to the construction of advanced cryptographic primitives.

    I am also interested in message locked encryption.

    I am a member of the AriC project at the LIP laboratory, and am involved in the ANR ALAMBIC project, which focuses on malleability in cryptography.

  2. Teaching





  3. Publications

    International Conferences

    1. Practical Fully Secure Unrestricted Inner Product Functional Encryption modulo p. G. Castagnos, F. Laguillaumie and I. Tucker. In Proc. of Asiacrypt 2018. Copyright IACR [pdf]

    2. Two-Party ECDSA from Hash Proof Systems and Efficient Instantiations. D. Catalano, G. Castagnos, F. Laguillaumie, F. Savasta and I. Tucker. To appear in Proc. of CRYPTO 2019. Copyright IACR [pdf]