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Isabelle Guérin Lassous


Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - LIP (UMR 5668)

I am a Professor at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. I teach in the Computer Science department at Université Lyon 1 and I do my research in the HoWNet team at LIP laboratory (UMR 5668, ENS Lyon - CNRS - Inria - UCB Lyon 1). I received my Ph.D. from Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7) and my Master from Université of Caen.

My research interests are in the areas of networking and distributed algorithms. My current researches mainly concern wireless networks.

On-going activities

  • Chair of the jury of the Capes NSI (Numérique et Sciences Informatiques) (since 2020)
  • Vice-chair of the LIP laboratory (since January 2021)
  • I received the Mirela Notare Award in 2021
  • Member of the Editorial Boards of Computer Communicatons (Elsevier journal), Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier journal), Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science and ITU Journal on Future and Evolving Technologies
  • Member of the Program Committees of IEEE ICC 2023, IEEE WCNC 2023, WONS 2023, WISARN 2023
  • Co-supervisor of 4 PhD students
  • Leader of the ANR/DGA CONCERTO project (since January 2021)
  • Co-leader of the FIL project DRONAR funded by the Fédération d'Informatique Lyonnaise (2023-24)
  • Participant to the Inria/DGA Dynaflock project (since November 2019)
  • Participant to the PHC Peridot project (Pakistan - since 2020)
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the SIF (Société Informatique de France)
  • Expert for the MESRI/DAEI

Recent publications (2023)

  • HINTS: a Methodology for IoT Network Technology and Configuration Decision - S. Si-Mohammed, T. Begin, I. Guérin Lassous and P. Vicat-Blanc - Internet of Things Journal (Elsevier), 2023 (Paper)
  • StackNet: IoT Network Simulation as a Service - S. Si-Mohammed, T. Begin, I. Guérin Lassous and P. Vicat-Blanc - ICC 2023
  • An Overview of MAC Energy-saving Mechanisms in Wi-Fi - E. Guérin, T. Begin and I. Guérin Lassous - Computer Communications (Elsevier), 2023 (Paper)
  • Extension des modèles de flocking aux environnements avec obstacles et communications dégradées, A. Bonnefond, O. Simonin and I. Guérin Lassous, Revue ouverte d'Intelligence Artificielle, 2023
  • Etat de l'art sur la co-simulation robotique et réseau des systèmes multi-robots, T. Balaguer, O. Simonin, I. Guérin Lassous and I. Fantoni, JFSMA, 2023
  • COSIMIA : Combiner Simulation et Apprentissage Automatique pour Optimiser la Configuration des Réseaux IoT - S. Si-Mohammed, T. Begin, I. Guérin Lassous and P. Vicat-Blanc - CoRes 2023
  • Experiment-driven platform for link quality estimation in IEEE 802.11 WLANs - T. Arrabal, M. Stojanova, I. Guérin Lassous and J. Picot, IEEE 24th International Conference on High-Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR 2023)
  • Performance analysis of MAC energy-saving strategies for WLANs - E. Guérin, T. Begin, I. Guérin Lassous and A. Busson, accepted to ACM MSWiM 2023