Internation Workshop on QUAntitative LOGical methods.
Affiliated with the LICS 2023 conference.

Date: 25th June 2023
Location: Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

This workshop focuses on recent advances on logical methods (proof theoretic, model theoretic, categorical, computational, etc) for approximate and quantitative reasoning and serves as a space for interaction, informal discussion and exchange of ideas. The main focus of this year's edition will be on recent advances in the topic of quantitative algebras started with the seminal paper:

Mardare, P. Panangaden, G. Plotkin:
Quantitative Algebraic Reasoning, in Proc. of LICS 2016.

Program Committee:

Invited Speakers:

For more informations feel free to contact the organiser by email at: matteo.mio@ens-lyon.fr