PhD Students

Charles Grenier has started his PhD under my supervision in 2008 and has defended it in June 2011. He now helds a postdoc position at the Ecole Polytechnique, working with A. Georges and C. Kollath.

His work concerns electron quantum optics and more precisely on single electron quantum tomography. He las also studied single electron decoherence in quantum Hall edge channel as well as energy relaxation in collaboration with F. Pierre group in Marcoussis. His thesis is available online.

Pierre Adroguer has started his PhD under the supervision of D. Carpentier and myself in 2009 and will defend it in 2012.

His work concerns topological insulators. My supervision mainly concerns the physics of spin Hall edge channels where ideas from electron quantum optics can also be relevant. He also works on electronic transport at the surface of a 3D topological insulator in the presence of disorder.


Rémy Hervé has held a temporary lecturer position at the ENS Lyon (Agrégé préprateur) in 2010-2011 and is now a full time lecturer at the INSA of Lyon.

His research work mainly concerns single electron quantum tomography. Besides research, we work on two sets of lecture notes one about quantum coherence and the other one about the Hanbury Brown and Twiss effect.

External collaborations

Electron quantum optics

  1. Mesoscopic Phyics group, ENS Paris: G. Fève, E. Bocquillon, F. Parmentier, B. Plaçais, J.-M. Berroir.

  2. LPN (Marcoussis): F. Pierre, C. Altimiras and H. Le Sueur on the problem of energy relaxation in quantum Hall edge channels at filling fraction 2.

  3. Nanophysics group of CPT (Marseille): Th. Martin, Th. Jonckheere and J. Rech are involved in the 1shot ANR project on electron quantum optics.

  4. Intitut Néel (Grenoble): Ch. Bauerle and L. Saminadayar on reviews on electron decoherence in diffusive conductors. D. Feinberg and D. Venturelli on quantum spintronics.

Cavity QED

  1. My work on cavity QED has been done in collaboration with Jean-Michel Raimond from the Kastler Brossel laboratory in Paris and Tristan Meunier.

  2. This work has involved four Master students: V. Bonzom, H. Bouzidi, A. Le Diffon and C. Rueff.


  1. Boston University: P Mohanty, A. Gaidarzhei and G. Zolfagarkhani on Nanomechanics.

  2. Jacobs University (Bremen): S. Kettemann

  3. Asian Center for Theoretical Physics (Korea): P. Fulde